Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Bounty

We have been enjoying the fruit of our labor in the vegetable garden enjoying our yellow squash, basil and green beans. But the biggest news is that I picked a few ripe tomatoes last evening. The number of green fruits is amazing, I think we'll do much better than last year in terms of yield. Above all else this is what we look forward to all summer -- fresh, organically home-grown tomatoes.

We've enjoyed our squash grilled and also fried in EVOO with fresh basil and Parmesan. We've had steamed green beans with a little butter and also in a pasta salad. There was pesto pizza and creamy pesto raviolis. Tonight's menu includes the first ratatouille of the season with just-picked eggplant, squash and basil. But I can't wait for the BLTs, Caprese salads and salsas yet to come.