Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seed Sowing

Today was beautiful, sunny and warm so in between loads of laundry, I got some work done in the garden. I decided I’d take a look through my stash of seeds from seasons past.

I never can seem to use up a full seed packet. I just don’t have the garden real estate. So today I did an experiment of sorts. I planted several types of seeds that were a year old or more. I’ve had success with second-year germination before but some of these dated back three years. I also tried a couple of squash seeds I’d saved myself from two seasons ago if I remember right. So here’s a list of went into the ground or large pots, accompanied by their source and “packed for” dates:

Slow-Bolt Cilantro/Renee’s Garden/2008
Spacemaster Cucumber/Lake Valley Seeds/2006
German Giant Radish/Burpee/2008
Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuce/Renee’s Garden/2008
Strawberry Blonde Sunflower/Sean Conway for Target/2008
Mini Sun Hybrid Sunflower/Burpee/2008

So I guess most of them are not that old. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for success. I also planted some marigold seeds that I had saved. I really should date those little zip-top baggies. The squash is probably a green variety. They seemed flat, not meaty as you would expect so they were probably the biggest gamble.

I had planned to plant some Jalapeno seeds that were also dated 2006 in my half-whiskey barrel but found that it was infested with ants. A few other containers were also housing rather large ant colonies. I’ll have to dump out all that soil and start over I guess. Sometimes it seems like Elk Grove is built on one big anthill. I should be happy they are in the garden and not the house I suppose.

Next week my husband and I will head to our new favorite garden center, Green Acres Nursery and Supply. We went there last spring for pepper and tomato starts and were very impressed with the selection.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Maria follows Michelle's lead: Sacramento's capitol gets Victory Garden

Just days after Michelle Obama broke ground for a vegetable garden on the White House lawn, California’s first lady announced that Sacramento is getting a public edible garden too.

See more details here.