Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pile O' 'Maters

Mostly Early Girls, a couple of Heatwaves and a handful of Sun Cherry.

I felt I needed to get these low growing tomatoes out of the garden plot as it appears I have been receiving nocturnal visits from who-knows-what variety of rodent. That's right folks, before I even got a single taste, a marauding mouse/rat/raccoon (pick your best guess) has been feasting on my bounty.

I am heartsick naturally. We're not talking little nibbles here. We're talking at least a third of almost a dozen different fruits. Oh yeah and the strawberries have been decimated as well. I had originally suspected birds were doing this damage but it is just too extensive to be the swarm of sparrows (or swallows?) that scurries nearly each time I approach. Not that they are entirely innocent. A few of the higher growing of the crop have been slightly pecked.

My fingers are crossed that whatever is responsible for this debacle is petite and not a good climber.

The community garden area, previously undeveloped, lies adjacent to a large open field which could be home to any number of culprits. Also, my plot lies about halfway into the property with the remaining half past mine vacant and overgrown. Need I say more? After this season I'll likely be relocating.


Angela said...

How goes the rodent drama? My aunt in East Sac. is under attack from city mice... INSIDE her house. Consider yourself lucky?

Christine said...

It's been VERY disheartening. Along with that spell of relentless heat things arent't looking that great (a lot of brown leaves) but we've gotten a some edible tomatoes. Having better luck with the peppers. The mice seem to have little interest in the habaneros, anaheims and jalapenos!

My husband has made several great homemade salsas. The kind that even though your mouth is on fire you just can't stop eating 'cuz it tastes so good!

Sorry to here about your aunt's quandary. I've had a few in the attic in the past when new building was happening nearby and every once in a while they get into the dog food in the garage. Ewww! I am amazed how easily they chew through Rubbermaid.