Monday, May 07, 2007

Anticipation . . .

I am eager to see things happening in the garden. The vegetable nursery starts I set out last week are doing well even though the temperature spiked to 93 degrees today.

We installed soaker hoses to take the hassle out of watering. I'm a little worried that the snails will discover these still-tender sprouts and devour them in a single evening. However they are situated in an area previously overrun with weeds that never attracted the slimy critters so I am forcing my anxiousness away.

I am especially impatient for the zinnia to bloom. I think they are my favorite flower because they grow so easily yet are so pretty.

Without many blooms in the garden it appears as a blank palette, much like this colorless illustration.


meg said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you've got your hands back in the dirt; we have lots of blooms out front & veggies in the back.
I'll have to check out Capital Nursery soon- their website is very enticing :)

Christine said...

Hi Meg,
It's good to be back! I have been offline a while due to technical problems and also working this year so don't have as much time to blog but I am eager to post some updated photos. Things in the veggie patch are really getting big! Thanks for visiting!

Leslie said...

Your beds look great! I saw that article and thought the plans were really creative and practical...and see how nice they came out! An idea for snail protection...get copper scrub pads and take the staple out, unroll, and cut a ring of "protection". I pop it right over the start and it works! The pads need to be copper...apparently it shocks the snails and they leave the plant alone.

Christine said...

Thanks Leslie. I'm really loving having the beds in my own backyard. That is a great tip about the scrub pads. I've never bought them but I bet they are pretty inexpensive.