Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seed Sowing

Today was beautiful, sunny and warm so in between loads of laundry, I got some work done in the garden. I decided I’d take a look through my stash of seeds from seasons past.

I never can seem to use up a full seed packet. I just don’t have the garden real estate. So today I did an experiment of sorts. I planted several types of seeds that were a year old or more. I’ve had success with second-year germination before but some of these dated back three years. I also tried a couple of squash seeds I’d saved myself from two seasons ago if I remember right. So here’s a list of went into the ground or large pots, accompanied by their source and “packed for” dates:

Slow-Bolt Cilantro/Renee’s Garden/2008
Spacemaster Cucumber/Lake Valley Seeds/2006
German Giant Radish/Burpee/2008
Garden Babies Butterhead Lettuce/Renee’s Garden/2008
Strawberry Blonde Sunflower/Sean Conway for Target/2008
Mini Sun Hybrid Sunflower/Burpee/2008

So I guess most of them are not that old. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish for success. I also planted some marigold seeds that I had saved. I really should date those little zip-top baggies. The squash is probably a green variety. They seemed flat, not meaty as you would expect so they were probably the biggest gamble.

I had planned to plant some Jalapeno seeds that were also dated 2006 in my half-whiskey barrel but found that it was infested with ants. A few other containers were also housing rather large ant colonies. I’ll have to dump out all that soil and start over I guess. Sometimes it seems like Elk Grove is built on one big anthill. I should be happy they are in the garden and not the house I suppose.

Next week my husband and I will head to our new favorite garden center, Green Acres Nursery and Supply. We went there last spring for pepper and tomato starts and were very impressed with the selection.

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Christine said...

Update: Handled ant infestations in pots by washing them away over the course of a few days. Guess they either died or moved on. I believe the Spacemaster Cucumber sprouted. Can't remember where/if I planted Zucchini squash. Radish are up and doing well. Although it's not documented here, I believe I planted spinach and have a few heads sprouting. Sunflower seeds either did not sprout or seedlings were eaten by snails as were the marigold sprouts.