Monday, May 15, 2006

Community Garden Plot

Here's a section of my plot at the Elk Grove Community Garden. This picture was taken April 26. I planted several types of tomatoes, peppers, some strawberries, marigolds, and some Giant Greystripe Sunflowers. Since then there has been significant growth.

Later I added Lemon Cucumber, Spacemaster Cucumber, Sugar Baby Watermelon and Jack O' Lantern Pumpkins. This past weekend I put in two types of basil -- Genovese and a lime-scented variety -- and another giant sunflower. I read that you can train cucumber vines up sunflowers. We shall see.

As it is the real estate in the bed, which measures about 16 feet by four feet, is bound to get a little crowded soon. The tomatoes, peppers, basil varieties, marigolds and strawberries were nursery transplants. The remainder I started from seed at home then transplanted later.

This is my first experience growing in a raised bed. In the past I gardened soley in large containers with the exception of a Lemon Cucumber last year and a volunteer tomato that sprouted next to it -- a product of a little underdone self-made compost.


Angela said...

16' x 16' is a good size! Yes, it might get a little crowded, but that's part of the fun. ;-)

Christine said...

Angela --

It's actually 16' x 4' -- so even moreso! Thanks for being the first one to post on my blog. I read you faithfully every day!

C --

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