Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Then and Now

In only two and a half weeks this barrel o’ veggies has become quite lush.

A friend picked up this half wine barrel for me for a mere ten bucks at a roadside Boy Scout fundraiser.

For that price I couldn’t pass it up.

On May 16 I filled it with two yellow crookneck squash, a zucchini squash and a Brandywine tomato.

I’ve been a fan of container gardening for years. Mainly I preferred it because it spared me the back breaking labor of double-digging and amending our hard-packed clay soil. An added benefit I suppose is keeping the goods above the “snailosphere” to borrow a term from Angela’s Northern California Gardening Blog.

Today the plants are not only thriving, they are flowering and one baby crookneck has emerged.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your garden site! Ed and Halle have been getting all green together too! The community plot thing is cool. I wonder if we have one here too.
Love Sharon!