Saturday, June 03, 2006


I had such good luck with these Nasturtiums, a Double Dwarf Jewel Mix I planted from seed last year I was encouraged to add more varieties to the garden this year.

I was very pleased the bright yellow bloomers above endured our mild winter and self sowed to increase their numbers.

I added to the planting this year to extend it further alongside the garage in the front yard. I picked up a few starts from a local nursery and added a few that I started from seed. The group now includes some reds, oranges and a few almost burgundy colored specimens.

Since last year I have discovered these hardy beauties come in a few softer colors that I much prefer. In the backyard bed adjacent to the kitchen I transplanted a few seedlings Thursday evening. I started them from a packet of Vanilla Berry Mounding Nasturtium from Renee’s Garden.

The package describes them as buttercream-colored blossoms marked at the throat in deep strawberry. I am looking forward to seeing them bloom and hope they will spread throughout the bed.

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