Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Successful Gardening to Weight Loss, Does Moon Phase Matter?

Familiar with the notion that some gardeners transplant and set out seeds according to the lunar calendar I decided to see how, according to where in the cycle I put in my garden this year, my crops might fare this year.

Moon gardeners believe plants do better when set out at the right time. The phase of the moon determines whether energy and nutrients are directed above or below ground. (Fine Gardening magazine)

Turns out according to proponents of this method I may have missed the ideal planting period by as little as one day, perhaps close enough? I set out garden transplants on Sunday, May 10. This month’s full moon appeared Saturday, May 9. In fact, May’s full moon was known as the “corn planting” moon by early Native Americans.

The theory is during the waxing period of the moon, the phase when the moon is becoming fuller the earth receives the plants readily and will develop roots easily. They are also ready for the increasing moisture that follows during the waning period when the moon is becoming smaller. We all know the ocean’s tides are controlled by the moon’s gravitational pull. It isn’t hard to conclude then that underground water tables react similarly.

While not sure if it is folklore, old wives’ tale or scientific fact the Farmers’ Almanac tells me in its astronomy section that one of the best days to start a diet to lose weight is May 13. In that vein, I’d like to officially declare today as the first day of my weight-reduction effort.

For more on planting by the moon phases, read this New York Times article.

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