Sunday, May 10, 2009

Officially Up and Running

Today we finally made it to the nursery for our vegetable starts. I sketched out on paper where I wanted to put what and we piled in the car. Here’s what vegetables we bought followed by some details on each:

First the peppers:
Ixtapa – a mildly hot jalapeno
Habanero – legendary hottest of all peppers from the Caribbean
De Arbol – a red, slender pepper, originally from Mexico
Tiburon – Poblano Hot Pepper for makinh chili rellenos
Oriole – a sweet hybrid tangerine orange Bell Pepper

Next, tomatoes:
Brandywine – the classic heirloom
German Johnson – an old time heirloom from the Carolinas
Box Car Willie – heirloom with good resistance from disease and cracking
Mr. Stripey – clearly defined yellow-orange stripes, mild flavor, low acid
Shady Lady – ample foliage provide excellent coverage for the fruit, preventing sunburn, hence the name Shady Lady
Patio – a bush variety and good choice for container growing

Admittedly, we chose several tomatoes simply for their whimsical names. The abundance of these two vegetables reflects our penchant for homemade salsa.

We also planted:
Derby – a stringless Bush Bean that produces all season
Gold Rush – yellow zucchini summer squash
Yellow Submarine – a yellow-skinned, seedless cucumber
Satin Beauty – Eggplant

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