Friday, April 09, 2010

Red Admiral on California Redwood

Wow. Another unusual butterfly sighting in my very own backyard. I'm not sure if I just happen to be noticing them more or if there actually are more this year. I say unusual because ordinarily I see the more common Monarch variety here in this neck of the woods. This one alit on a California Redwood for several minutes on Thursday just before 6 p.m. This afternoon I glimpsed what looked like a couple of Monarchs passing through the yard. Neither sat and stayed awhile, so no photo.


Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

Gourgeous! I love watching them in the garden!

Christine said...

Hi Jenn! Thanks for stopping by! I just surfed over to your blog and it looks like I'll probably be a frequent visitor. I love your scrabble tile title photo!

Ron McDonald said...

Nice shot Christine! I have those too but didn't know what they were. I also notice more and more Monarchs each year here in Fair Oaks, now that I stopped pulling up all the milkweed. They also sseem to love my rose campion.

Ron McDonald said...

Well I guess they weren't Monarchs afterall, Their Swallowtails. They sure are fun to watch. See I learned something from your Blog!
Do we even get Monarchs in this area?