Friday, June 05, 2009

Curious Spinach

I planted spinach seeds this year for the first time. Curiously, what came up looks nothing like the picture on the packet. I chose Catalina, a baby-leaf spinach from Renee’s Garden. The illustration on the seed packet shows rounded smooth-edged leaves. What I have is definitely pointed at the top of each leaf with a more ragged edge. Could these seeds possibly have been mislabeled? Curiously, a variety called Summer Perfection shown on the company's website (just below the Catalina) looks more like what I have. I suppose it's possible the seeds found their way into the wrong packet.

Either way, it is bound for the compost bin as it was quite bitter tasting. Now I've just got to decide what to replant in the pot.


Michelle said...

That's definitely not spinach, it's a solanum and my inadequately caffeinated brain isn't retrieving the name at the moment. Don't eat the leaves, they may be poisonous! The berries may or may not be edible. I've got something similar that volunteers around my garden. There are similar plants that are cultivated for their blueberry-like fruits, but I wouldn't chance it with a volunteer plant.

Anyway, on a more positive note, thanks for visiting my blog and following :)

See you around!

Christine said...

Wow,that's a scary possibility. Thanks for the heads up! Do you think it is safe to compost?