Friday, June 05, 2009

Curiously Bitter Lettuce

I haven’t had much luck growing lettuce. On April 12 I sowed some lettuce seeds in a large container. While several seeds germinated they began as compact heads and more recently have grown tall. The taste was so bitter I couldn't even swallow it.

I know this is a common problem especially in areas where temperatures can soar well into the 90-degree range – and we’ve had a few days in the upper 90s already. I think I’m giving up on lettuce for now. There are so many great varieties available at local stores.

The variety I planted is Salad Bowl from Burpee. As you can see by the picture it is beginning to bolt. I plan to compost it this weekend.


Bill Bird said...


It's just too hot for lettuce and that blast of heat we got in April didn't help matters much. What was left of the wife's lettuce plantings up and bolted. Same with the spinach. I suggest you replace your lettuce plantings with chard, arugula, mustard greens, collards, you name it. It doesn't quite have the water content as lettuce, but it is a green you can put in your salads (with all those yummy home grown tomatoes!).

Christine said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Bill. Those all sound like interesting choices, sad to admit I haven't eaten them before. Do they grow well from seed?

Keith said...

Lettuce, spinach and other cool weather crops will do really well here in the fall and winter. I let my lettuce go overwinter once without coverings and they didn't do so well. Next time they will be protected to last keep the growth up longer.

Anonymous said...
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