Monday, April 18, 2011

Coming Along

All mine for less than fifteen bucks.
Even though temps have not stabilized and are still quite frankly a wee on the cool side, I couldn’t resist a trip to Capital Nursery. And that meant naturally, I couldn’t resist buying a few things. I didn’t get crazy and I got out of there spending less than fifteen bucks. Here’s what I took home:

Beefmaster tomato
Whopper tomato
Acorn Squash
Blue Lake Bush Beans

Saturday I gave them all permanent homes in a bed I have had to cat-proof with bright orange temporary fencing I had lying around. I had read in The Bee’s Garden Detective column that wire poultry netting would discourage cats from digging. I avoided the expense and made do with what I had. There isn’t any evidence in the bed to date that the cat has been back. However, this morning I noticed a recycling bin I’ve used as a container planter had been marauded. The few tiny scallions I managed to sprout there are done for. It seems I’ll have to cat proof all my containers as well. For smaller planters and even one of the raised beds, I “planted” bamboo kabob skewers to discourage digging. 

Unsightly but cat-proof.
Both tomatoes are hybrids. I don’t intentionally plant only heirlooms but it seems most of my past tomato choices were. It will be interesting to see if these varieties yield better.

Acorn squash is making its debut appearance in my garden this year. I hope I’ve allotted it enough room. I could easily plant three more 4’ by 8’ beds in addition to the two I already have. The main thing holding me back is the uneven ground but I think we could overcome that without too much trouble. I smell a weekend project coming on.

Cilantro and chives are two of my favorite herbs. I have one cilantro plant that I direct sowed but will easily make use of both.

Tomato: Beefmaster.

Tomato: Whopper.

Making its debut: Acorn Squash

Even with all that, I still long for more to do in the garden. Every spring I get the fever and this year is no exception.

Saturday I'm planning to attend the Elk Grove Community Garden's annual plant sale. It is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  I can't wait. Maybe I'll see you there?



Victoria said...

Wow, great find!

That's a lot of stuff for $15 bucks.

CoastalCAGardener said...

Nice start. It will be interesting to see if it deters the cat.

Christine said...

The funny thing about that purchase is the clerk teased that they have a $25 minimum purchase and require two visits weekly! I had to laugh because I was proud I had shown so much fiscal restraint!

Crossing my fingers that darn cat seeks restroom facilities elsewhere soon!

Romi said...

An unwanted visitor has been leaving me "presents" in my garden as well. Thankfully it hasn't returned a about a week or so now. I already have a lot of stuff planted in the garden so I can't use the fencing. Hope it stays away! Your garden is taking off! I'm growing peas for the first time as well and I am very excited! Thanks for putting up the information on the plant sale in EG. I might see you there. :)

Christine said...

Isn't it frustrating? I love my cat so I keep him inside. We lost an outdoor cat who was killed in a fight a few years ago and we just don't want that kind of heartbreak again. I wish everyone felt the same. I'm really bummed about those few tiny scallions that were ruined. Back to square one with those.

Romi said...

It does suck! And what sucks more is that I don't who's cat is pooping all over my garden. I lost a cat a few years back and I paid over 1500 to see it die in front of me. So I understand the heartbreak, totally. Hope you can get those scallions going again! What kind were they?

Christine said...

the onions I lost were called White Libson Bunching, something I'd never tried before. They were direct sown and the germination rate was so meager ... I think that makes the loss even harder because those few sprouts were so tiny and yet they were hanging in there. Overreacting, much? Nah, not me... ;)