Monday, April 18, 2011

More About Peas and a Newfound Garden Geek

Here's a picture of the progress the peas have made. They are about a foot tall and as I mentioned in a previous post, they have begun to flower.

Sugar Ann Snap Peas
This variety is said not to need trellising but I opted to put one in place anyway and their tiny tendrils have happily begun grabbing on to it. I've never grown peas before. An attempt last season failed miserably with zero percent germination, so this is exciting. I mistakenly thought these were shelling peas but rather they are snap peas which means you eat the pod and all. I'm looking forward to how they turn out.

I also wanted to shout out to a Sacramento area garden blogger who I recently met here in cyberspace. I fondly refer to her as a fellow-garden geek. I hope she is not offended. It's just nice to run into others who share my passion for gardening. So if you're looking to learn more about Zone 9 gardening, head over to not my job and tell Kelly "Hi," for me!


CoastalCAGardener said...

Love snap peas. They're better than candy.

CoastalCAGardener said...

Also, good call about the trellising. The last time I planted a "no trellis needed" snap pea, I ended up wrangling them into a trellis structure after the fact as they were wandering all over the deck.

Christine said...

I've noticed that seems to be the case often for "no trellising needed" veggies. When in doubt, put it out!

Looking forward to sweeter-than-candy peas! I'm hoping the harvest makes it into the kitchen! My husband surprised me by being miffed when I told him I had already eaten several radishes without sharing!

Kelly said...

Hey, thanks so much for the "shout-out"! I'm proud to be a garden geek!

Christine said...

You're welcome Kelly. It really is nice to be among my "people." People who can relate to making hourly trips to the garden to peek at progress, who can relate to increased heart rates at the local nursery, and who can commiserate when things don't go as planned!

The Cast said...

I've also had many problems with peas. Your's look pretty good!

Christine said...

Thanks! I'm so excited about them, I actually found a pod yesterday! Now I'm thinking I didn't plant enough...Always a gamble when trying something new.