Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slowly But Surely

Baby Arugula harvested yesterday
Day by day a little bit is happening in the garden. Here’s an update.

To date we have harvested a few radishes and a few arugula leaves. Radishes have been maturing at a rate of two to three at a time. These are usually washed and eaten straight from the garden. I love radishes.  The arugula was added to a store bought salad mix on two occasions. Both were planted Feb. 12.

The peas planted the same day are several inches high and are starting to flower. I’m glad it hasn’t heated up too much since these do better in cooler temperatures. A single cilantro plant is coming along slowly. A few scallions are peeking through the soil.

The jalapeno, green bell pepper and okra plants I bought in two-inch peat pots at Home Depot about two weeks back are in the ground and look healthy. They aren’t showing signs of growth yet probably due to the cooler weather. Though it was still early for warm season vegetables, at 98 cents each, I couldn’t resist them.

Returning Purple and White Coneflower perennials are adding leaves almost daily.

Thai Basil, Little Prince Eggplant, Lemon and Armenian cucumber that were sown March 21 have all sprouted in the makeshift greenhouse. These went in on one of the few warm days we had with temperatures in the 70s. Since then, highs have been consistently lower.

On April 4 I direct sowed the following:

Mammoth Russian and Strawberry Blonde sunflowers
Royal Carpet Alyssum
French Dwarf Double Mixed Colors Marigold
Cherries Jubilee Mounding Nasturtiums
Purple and White Coneflower
Purple Prince Zinnia
Dwarf Cherry Rose Nasturtium
Easter Egg Rainbow Radishes
Garden Babies Container Butterhead Lettuce
Purple Top White Globe Turnip

The flower seeds were sown in the corners and along the outer edges of two raised beds. The vegetables went into one of the 4’ by 8’ raised beds and a few conatiners. Spacemaster Cucumber and Bush Snap Green Beans were sown in 2-inch peat pots and placed in the "greenhouse." Everything but the Marigolds and Nasturtium have sprouted.

Two days later, on the April 6, I started the following seeds in small peat cups (most were purchased during previous growing seasons):

Purity White and Candy Stripe Cosmos
Purple Prince and Envy Zinnia
Italian Parsley
Lemon, Dolce Vita Blend and Genovese basils
Bush Blue Lake Snap Beans
Jalapeno, New Mex and Ancho peppers
Long Island Mammoth Dill
Bell Pepper
White Swan Coneflower

As of today, only the zinnia and cosmos have sprouted. They are currently being housed in a black seed germinating tray with a clear plastic lid which keeps the peat cups warm overnight.

I’m thinking this weekend would be a good time to start checking out warm season transplants at Capital Nursery and Green Acres. This cool weather won’t continue much longer. What do you think?


Kelly said...

I envy you how much you've done! I'm barely past cleaning up from my idle fall & winter...

Happy growing!

Christine said...

It sounds like a lot but I wish more were happening -- I'm itching to get out and do more! Right now there's a lot of waiting around for the warmer weather to arrive.

Thanks for visiting the blog!